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V-LoXTM and V-LoX3 Titanium

V-LoXTM and V-LoX3 Titanium Suture Anchors 

Titanium Suture Anchors set the
standard for soft tissue xation.
Parcus V-LoX Titanium Suture Anchors combine performance and economy. They are supplied in four diameters and available in double or triple-loaded suture con gurations. 5.0mm and 6.5mm now available with needles.


  • Made of Ti 6AI-4V ELI Titanium Alloy

  • Self tapping design (no additional instrumentation required)

  • Fully-threaded body improves pull-out
    over older designs (loaded with #2 UHMWPE)

  • Color-coded handles for size identi cation 

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