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Series 3 - 35 w/ Suture Push-In

Series 3 - 35 w/ Suture Push-In Anchor 

The 35 w/ Suture Push-In PEEF CF Suture Anchor utilizes a drive-in insertion technique. A drill guide, which can be used percutaneously or through an arthroscopic cannula, assists in accurate placement of the anchor. These anchors can be used in indications such as SLAP or Bankart repair. 


  • 3.5mm major diameter to accommodate the glenoid anatomy

  • Loaded with two #2 UHMWPE sutures for versatility and redundancy

  • Color-coded handle matched to drill guide



"Parcus Knotless and Series 3 Suture Anchors are elegantly simple, unique designs that are manufactured from strong biocompatible PEEK CF polymer." 

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