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Opening Wedge HTO

Opening Wedge HTO

Knee osteoarthritis is a chondropathy (disease of the cartilage) of the knee, causing its gradual disappearance. In some cases it is associated with a misalignment of the axes of the femur and tibia. The main symptoms are pain and knee instability.

In the case that medical treatment fails and before considering a total knee replacement, an osteotomy (from the Greek “oste,” “bone” and “tomê,” “section”) can be performed to allow near-normal activity while preserving the joint. It involves cutting the bone of the femur and/or tibia, in order to correct the femur/tibia alignment and better distribute the weight of the body over the various parts of the knee, which can reduce or eliminate the pain.

Interest in the procedure arises from its conservative nature (it does not affect the articular surfaces) and its ability to provide lasting results. The most common osteotomies are High Tibial Osteotomies (HTO) on genu varum and Distal Femoral Osteotomies (DFO) on genu valgum.

Our osteotomy wedges, for use in opening-wedge HTOs, allow for very precise adjustment, total biosafety, efficient consolidation and reduced surgical time.

Our osteosynthesis systems help maintain and support the bone during wedge consolidation. The screws and plates have mechanical properties that allow for rapid rehabilitation and early weight-bearing.

OTIS-C-PLUS® low-profile tibial plate

  • Low-profile C-shaped Stainless plate

  • Mechanical strength - Made of 316L stainless steel, the plate allows for immediate weight-bearing.

  • Low-profile - The dimensions (30% shorter) minimize scarring and are specifically adapted for MIS.

  • Lockable - Screws are pre-guided, self-tapping and can be used as mono-or bicortical fixation.

  • Stabilizes through tibial & implant compression

  • Allows cyclic compressive loading of the implant

  • Limits soft tissue impingement

  • Supports pre-guided, self-tapping & locking screws

OTIS® absorbable wedges

  • Biplanar β-TCP wedge implant

  • Anatomically shaped - The design combines a fl at lower surface and an angulated upper surface.

  • Accurate correction - Available in heights ranging from 6 to 15 mm for a greater precision.

  • 100% β-TCP - Absorbable, osteoconductive and safe.

  • Provides compressive strength similar to bone

  • Augments bone-to-implant contact area

  • Ensures precise & permanent correction (10 sizes)

  • Maintains posterior tibial slope

  • Promotes optimal bone regeneration

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