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ACL Instruments

ACL Instruments

Provides a complete system of organized instruments in one sterilization tray for placement and drilling of tibial and femoral tunnels in ACL reconstruction.


  • Adjustable Tibial Guide

  • Color-coded Femoral Offset Guides

  • Calibrated Endoscopic Reamers

  • Graft Sizing Tubes

  • Hybrid Aluminum and Molded Instrument Form Sterilization Trays

Parcus Cannulated Drills & Headed Reamers

Parcus Cannulated Drills and Headed Reamers are manufactured from a stainless steel alloy and feature a 2.4mm cannulation. An improved design increases cutting performance, without sacrificing durability.

New reamers in .5mm increments allow surgeons to create more intimate graft/tunnel contact in ligament reconstructions.

Drill Tip Guide Pins

Accurate tracking with sure starts in cortical bone.  Used in open and arthroscopic ligament  reconstruction techniques.

Nitinol Guide Wires

The necessary strength & flexibility to provide accurate screw placement in open and arthroscopic ligament reconstruction techniques.

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