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PONTiS Instrument Set

PONTiS Instrument Set

PONTiS Instrument set
PONTiS Pliers
PONTiS Crimp Holder
PONTiS Tap PreDrill

PONTiS Instrument Set

The instrument set contains:


  1. A crimp holder (for holding the crimp)

  2. A crimp tool (for compressing the crimp)

  3. A tap for the anchor

  4. Pre-drills for the anchor 

PONTiS Crimp Tool

A specially designed vice grip plier with a fixed end point is used to compress the crimp and fix the sutures together. It is specially calibrated for the size of each crimp to provide the optimal crimp strength.

The crimp tool must not provide too much or too little pressure and MUST NEVER be used for any other purpose, which will significantly compromise its function.

It is important to center the crimp tool exactly on the crimp and not compress the sutures, which may weaken them. The jaw is lasermarked to facilitate positioning.

PONTiS Crimp Holder

The crimp is small and is therefore difficult to hold. The crimp holder facilitates holding the crimp, while the sutures are thread through the lumen of the crimp. The scrub technician should ‘load’ the crimp in position for use.

The crimp holder avoids the fingers getting in the way during threading of the sutures and allows the crimp to be passed from one member of the operating team to another. Once the sutures have been passed through the crimp, the arms are squeezed to release the crimp.

PONTiS Tap and Pre-drill

The PONTiS anchor is specifically designed for use in the hand and fingers and therefore requires tapping as the tip is blunt.

Three single-use pre-drills are provided in the instrument set. The largest diameter is used for very dense bone and the smallest for softer bone. The bone should be drilled perpendicular to the line of pull of the tendon.

The pre-drills are lasermarked to allow an easy assessment of depth, as only the near cortex should be drilled and tapped.

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